Reflexology in Santa Fe

Reflexology in Santa Fe


Schedule with Santa Fe Reflexology for 2017

Since I began practicing reflexology in 2005, it has become much more popular as a source for acute and routine wellness support. Your discovery of this site may in fact have been prompted by someone you personally know who has used reflexology to overcome health concerns. Are you seeking to fortify your overall health, feel better and have more at ease in life? As we enter 2017, there is a widespread sense of discomfort that has become evident. How are you doing?

Pain Relief

Just as any of us can become oblivious to our daily habits and their effect, our internal workings can also become fixed rather than responsive to the moment. Over time, small miscalculations can create big errors. Sometimes, we ignore a small irritation until it reaches the point of causing us a lot of pain. The ultimate goal is to be connected to the flow of information that helps us to do and feel our best. Whatever physical or mental discomfort you encounter may well be due to restriction caused by a pattern in thinking and acting. Returning flexibility to the overall system can change the framework of perception and choice. Rather than be caught in discomfort, we can create a greater ease within ourselves and our experience of the world.

Optimal Well Being

I relate to reflexology as a helpful tool to help us get "unstuck". Being caught in discomfort might occur after an injury or emotional upset, during illness, or it might just be an inexplicable experience you are having! In any case, the body and life force have capacity for greater harmony. Reflexology is a tool that can assist the nervous system to pinpoint and shift what has been hindering that optimal state of well being. Reflexology is a great means of invigorating your being...bringing new awareness and possibility to life.



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